5 Bier mit Meterstab öffnen – Handwerkskollektiv Zürich

5 Bier mit Meterstab öffnen – Handwerkskollektiv Zürich

3. November 2017 3.958 views Geld machen, Mixer, Smoothiemaker 880 -
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Da bekommt jeder, der sich beteiligt (min $100/85€),
120% Gewinn (und das nicht erst nach 5-7 Jahren, wie es bei herkömmlichen Crowdfunding Projekten üblich ist, sondern viel früher)
+ ein 5 Liter Faß Bier
+ 5 Jahre lang eine jährliche Gewinnbeteiligung der Firma.

Der Durst wird so langsam unerträglich.
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Zimmermänner öffnen mit einem Meterstab 5 Bier.

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50 responses for 5 Bier mit Meterstab öffnen – Handwerkskollektiv Zürich

  1. Th3uNn3rV3d sagt:


  2. Average Joe sagt:

    What gay bar did you guys walk out of?

  3. Goofy Emoji sagt:

    German or Swiss?

  4. Panzer Faust sagt:

    that’s the power of german engineering. *VW logo flashes*

    • taxiuniversum sagt:

      +Bryce Kroll I have no interest in part taking in your bullshit games.
      You said this is about „german engineering“.
      I pointed out that you got the wrong country.
      You have issues with that. 
      End of story.

    • Panzer Faust sagt:

      +taxiuniversum i’m pretty sure you are a well thought out troll… nobody can have this thick of a skull. i made a german joke somebody said not german i made a joke about the swiss then you stroll up here in the literalmobile looking like more of a nazi than i will ever be

    • Λ L P L Ξ X L Ξ sagt:

      +taxiuniversum „The power of German engineering“ is an outdated quote that does not apply to Germans anymore. „The power of Japanese engineering“, however, still applies.

  5. Marcel Lauener sagt:

    To all you ignorant/unknowing people out there:

    1) They are Swiss. Switzerland is not at all Germany.
    2) Metric system.
    3) They are wearing traditional clothing. Look up why yourself.

    Have a great day internet :)

  6. moiraine_damodred sagt:

    it’s the little things in life

  7. H123 sagt:

    Erm…these people are Swiss guys. Not German 😐

    • TekReviews sagt:

      +Abu Hasnat Sadly in America, we have these dumb asses who know nothing about geography. Austria and Germany share the same language, not Swiss. Please forgive these uneducated morons.

    • taxiuniversum sagt:

      +TekReview’s Actually, most people in Switzerland can speak „Standard German“.
      But both in Switzerland, as well as in Austria and even in Germany, too there are local dialects that can often hardly be understood outside of this region.
      Additionally, Switzerland has regions where people speak languages that are completely different – French, Italian and Rhaeto-Romanic.
      Coming back to this video, though the most important fact is that Switzerland is a *_different country_* than Germany, no matter languages spoken. 😉
      And I agree – many Americans are sadly so entirely clueless about the world – and often enough, willfully ignorant on top of it.
      This way, they are isolating themselves, and shutting themselves off from all the good other countries and cultures have to offer.

  8. Charlie Thales sagt:

    dfjgnd;fajgbjado fdgl fdgl;j fgdfal   jfoeoewrt Or whatever you people are saying.

  9. justin King sagt:

    I’ve been driving 2015 jetta since last year and no problems :/

  10. patrykK1028 sagt:

    How many people do you need to open a bottle? 7.

  11. Sloth on Caffeine sagt:

    Men get pleasure out of the littlest things.

  12. Tyler Kegger sagt:

    The guy with the gages is hot af

  13. Faith T. sagt:

    Meanwhile in Russia one bottle can open 5 Swiss people

  14. zmunk sagt:

    and with that the most german video ever made came into existence

  15. W Rabbit sagt:


  16. billy bob sagt:

    Such a shame that Americans cant even detect what language they are speaking

  17. nor berto sagt:

    In Soviet Union , one ruler opens all bottles

  18. AcTalYzeRed sagt:

    Immer diese Zimmermänner

  19. Lukas Geissbühler sagt:

    D Bärner cheus besser 😋

  20. Lak - Gute Frage sagt:

    Meisterprüfung bestanden!