Best Beer Ad Ever – Thirsty For Beer HD

Best Beer Ad Ever – Thirsty For Beer HD

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Da bekommt jeder, der sich beteiligt (min $100/85€),
120% Gewinn (und das nicht erst nach 5-7 Jahren, wie es bei herkömmlichen Crowdfunding Projekten üblich ist, sondern viel früher)
+ ein 5 Liter Faß Bier
+ 5 Jahre lang eine jährliche Gewinnbeteiligung der Firma.

Der Durst wird so langsam unerträglich.
Packen wirs an

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It's all beer and bikinis at the beach in Sydney Australia.
This beach cowboy is never hungry, always thirsty.

Starring Zilda Williams.
Music by Tito & Tarantula – After Dark

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29 responses for Best Beer Ad Ever – Thirsty For Beer HD

  1. Stefan Constantin Dumitrache sagt:

    Wait, where’s the funny part?!

  2. assistantto007 sagt:

    Maybe you have to be an aussie with a alcohol problem to understand it

  3. honeytgb sagt:

    what a waste of time. worst ad ever — beer or not.

  4. Vatan Kömürcü sagt:

    how does sexiness have anything to do with beers ? sexiness doesn’t mean quality.

  5. Leena Räsänen sagt:


  6. [Deleted] [User] sagt:

    Who’s ready to clear thare history?

  7. Lalu Thakur sagt:

    gana beuol

  8. I, Homer Simpson, want 5,000 Subscribers sagt:

    Homer no function beer well without

  9. TheTourlous sagt:

    She obviously has a drinking problem.

  10. Sana Khurrammjk sagt:


  11. nofacemonster sagt:

    now for a beer and watch salma hayek dancing in dusk till dawn….

  12. Deathpandragon sagt:

    is this how to get laid ad cause it does not look like a beer ad.

  13. Von Faahquard sagt:

    Wow – I was drinking this exact beer, by myself, on a totally deserted beach, and this exact same thing happened to me. *BUY THIS BOOZE*

  14. Blackcat25:17 IAM sagt:

    all that beer n never broke the seal😂what a champ…

  15. William Fitzpatrick sagt:

    Thumbs down

  16. Kevin Hurley sagt:

    I was waiting/expecting her to let-out a HUGE (yes, Trump-like) belch/burp as she lowered herself. THAT would have made an awesome ad.

  17. Gaming with Hussnain sagt:




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