The Producer’s Mindset: How To Think Like A Producer And Achieve Success (Making Electronic Music Book 1) (English Edition)

The Producer’s Mindset: How To Think Like A Producer And Achieve Success (Making Electronic Music Book 1) (English Edition)

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  • How to shift your mindset | Consumer vs. Producer
  • "If You WORK HARD Enough, You Are Going to SUCCEED!" – Avicii (@Avicii) – Top 10 Rules
  • Ableton Sound Design Tutorial – Advanced Sampling: Creating Pads & Drones
  • Ableton Mixdown Tutorial – Balance Your Bass Like A Pro
  • Roberto Techno Masterclass – "Finish Every Track You Start" Production Tips
  • 3 Ways to Differentiate Yourself: Artist Identity, Vision, and Intention | Music Business
  • The Best Content Strategy for Artists | DailyVee 389
  • Ableton Arrangement Tutorial – Automating Delay Times In MInimal Techno
  • Millionaire Marketing Mindset For Music Producers
  • Ableton Mixdown Tutorial – Glueing Your Sounds With Reverb
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Want To Be A Successful Producer?
What's the secret to success with electronic music production? How do you go from bedroom producer to legitimate, touring DJ? It begins with your "mindset", not the techniques or methods everyone raves about. As you probably know, the barrier to entry for making electronic music is practically non-existent these days. That's why success can only come from you, not the plugins or DAW you use. While knowing how to use your tools is important, it's about the drive within that will take you to the next level.

In "The Producer's Mindset", you'll learn what myself and others have done to achieve success and get noticed. You will not find any get rich quick ideas. Nor will you find any ways to experience immediate fame and success. What you WILL learn is how to make sure you aren't limiting yourself and your success.

CREATE The Right Environment In Your Mind And Success Will Follow…
Have you started on a song and not finished it? Many aspiring musicians dream about cranking new tracks out, but they don’t finish their songs. The truth is this: Great producers hone their skills, they practice regularly, and they finish tracks. Not only do they make time to practice what they love, they also follow specific routines that help them focus and avoid getting distracted.

The simple fact is that by implementing certain "principles" into your musical life, you'll no doubt increase your productivity. By striving to live up to certain ideas, you can accomplish much more and progress quicker.

The producers who succeed with their music make moves and walk right through failure. Moreover, they know that creative spurts aren't a constant, so they adapt to creative "dry spells".

The good news is it's not hard to improve from where you currently are. If you learn how to embrace your strengths and you continually push yourself, you will continue to move upward.

LEARN The Best Strategies For Thinking Like A Successful Producer
"The Producer's Mindset" details a variety of ideas that will increase your productivity and get you through mental tough spots.

Inside this book you'll discover:
What Being A Producer Actually Means
How To Set Yourself Up For Success By Creating A Productive Environment
How To Push Past Some Common Negative Beliefs
How To Minimize Distractions And Interruptions
Ways To Find The Time To Compose – Even If You Have A Full-Time Job
Why Habits Will Bring Success
How Expectations Can Kill Your Music
Why Goals Will Help You Grow
Ways To Track Your Progress
A Belief System That Is Designed For Success In The Long Run
It's definitely possible to crank out finished songs, sign them to labels, and start getting gigs. However, the solution is counter-intuitive. Change your mindset and the rest will follow.

Download now and take your producing to the next level. To get started, hit the buy button at the top of the page.

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